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About Us

At Vellum ESG, we understand that integrating objective ESG rankings and impact measurement is crucial to prevent greenwashing. Our unique system is designed to recognise and verify genuine ESG value, facilitating the allocation of resources towards projects that generate a positive impact.   Our process is built on the foundation of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and GRI Standards. Our system comprehensively measures ESG performance and impact by aligning with these globally recognised frameworks.   Our clients can access a tool that objectively compares ESG performance and impact for organisations and projects. This empowers informed decision-making to support ESG objectives and contribute to sustainable development. Promoting transparency and accountability is vital to fostering a culture of responsible ESG practices. By providing a reliable and comprehensive system, Vellum supports the transition towards a more sustainable future for businesses and society.

Making ESG Tangible

We eliminate greenwashing by:

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