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Carbon Specialists

Advanced Infrastructure
By making big data, transparency, and traceability accessible to all users of the energy system.
Focused on direct air capture of CO2, effectively reducing atmospheric carbon levels and generating fresh water. 
Carbon -Zero
Aiding businesses in their journey towards net zero emissions. With expertise in analyzing carbon emissions for products, services, and projects.
Carbon Analytics
Has the belief that it should be easy for all companies to reap the rewards of managing their environmental impacts.
Offers solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emission in the supply chains of the world's most polluting industries.
Provides a unified platform for managing carbon contributions with a strong emphasis on integrity and verifiability. Limited
SaaS tool tracks supply chain carbon emissions for high-polluting industries, mitigating risks from carbon taxes and government penalties.
Provides an EMS to cut corporate inefficiencies, boost customer experience, and slash carbon emissions, with global reach.
Cloud-based SaaS tracks, traces, and manages clean energy footprint, simplifying attestation of sustainability goals.
Streamlines carbon accounting, providing comprehensive CO2 reports effortlessly. Retrieves consumption data and generates carbon data automatically.
Climate Club
Platform drives measurable carbon reduction with distributed settings, training, playbooks, trackable actions, rewards, and recognition.
Sustainability platform calculates offsets for activities like ecommerce, ridesharing, and flights in real time, using verified carbon projects.
Deliver software that tracks and analyses business activity impacts
DODO Software
Measure emissions in just a few minutes using the benchmark tool or by connecting your accounting software.
Uses machine learning to automate the data collection process required for carbon accounting, empowering sustainability.
Organizations can achieve dependable audit-grade emissions results for reporting
Provider of digital infrastructure for corporate climate action, offering a B2B marketplace for environmental commodities and carbon accounting software solutions.
The platform helps integrate strategy, align data, and report on progress
Footprint Intelligence
The platform enables businesses to automate emissions data collection
Green Future Project
Services to measure and manage Scope 1, 2, and 3 CO2 emissions, and supports clients with comprehensive sustainability solutions
Provides a platform combining operational data with sustainability benchmarks to create visibility into carbon footprint, offering actionable insights to reduce emissions and achieve savings.
Developed an application available on all the stores, an API for banks
Minimum Corporation
Gives global enterprises total visibility over carbon emissions, and complete control over carbon management.
Minimum Corporation
Mondra Global Limited
A data-driven insights platform that supports food system players to meet their carbon neutrality goals, communicate their performance and drive planet-positive profits.
Provides a carbon accounting engine to help businesses calculate and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, while partnering with climate change organizations.
Offers a platform for managing decarbonization across all emission scopes and categories, providing data interpretation and strategy application support from expert consultants.
Persefoni software helps businesses, financial institutions, and agencies manage climate data, calculate footprints, and develop decarbonization strategies, with AI-driven sustainability scores.
Persefoni AI
Provides businesses, financial institutions, and governmental agencies the software fabric for managing their organization’s climate-related data, disclosures, and performance
Offer a tailored package of net zero and nature positive services that will allow you to meet compliance, save money, enhance your reputation, and build resilience to future-proof your business and the planet
Plan A 
Develops software for corporate carbon accounting, decarbonisation, and ESG reporting, enabling businesses to reduce emissions and promote sustainability.
Propelair ® is a totally new approach to WC operation. 5 years in development, it combines the convenience of a conventional WC with the water saving and performance benefits of air assisted flushing.
Provides organizations with a platform to measure, report, and improve their enterprise sustainability management initiatives. 
Assessing your carbon emission quota and measuring your true carbon footprint is easy with carbon management services from SGS.
STG Advisors Ltd
From Carbon accounting to emissiosn reporting to recommendations for improving efficiency and reducing IT waste of clients
Works directly with landowners to conserve and restore forests, wetlands, and other natural resources through sustainable land management. Combine satellite data, big data analysis, and machine learning.
An award winning carbon accounting software helping businesses reduce their carbon emissions and reach net zero fast. We provide: Automated & accurate measurement of emissions, in real-time; Sub-sector specific carbon reduction
Cloud-based software platform that provides tools for Corporate Sustainability Accounting, Management, Reporting, Benchmarking, Target-Setting & Decision-Making
Sylvera Ltd
Provides a carbon intelligence platform using machine learning to offer comprehensive insights on carbon projects for sustainability leaders and governments.
Tanso Technologies GmbH
Automating processes in carbon accounting and building the data foundation that is necessary for effective emission reduction.
Team Energy
To help each and everyone of our customers manage their energy estate, and build a successful and optimised energy management framework to support the delivery of their net zero emissions targets
The Carbon Accounting Company
Measure, track and report on an organization’s environmental impact.
Providing the testing, inspection and certification solutions worldwide.
Offers purpose-built apps for industrial phases & personas as SaaS/on-premise, with edge-to-cloud components. Specializes in Emissions Monitoring & Sustainability Analytics.
Unravel Carbob
AI-powered decarbonization platform in Asia tracks & reduces carbon emissions for companies, leveraging accounting data.
Walker Wayland
Provides independent assurance verification of Suncorp Bank’s greenhouse gas emissions for Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard.
xtonnes Ltd
Software is built for tough carbon challenges, providing data analytics you can trust to act with confidence.

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