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ESG and Sustainability Advisors

Volta Advisory
They are dedicated to redefining the landscape of infrastructure through a blend of innovative advisory and technical solutions.
Mainly financial services customers
Has an online portal, partner with SASB, Reprisk and PRI
ESG model validation
Alaya Consulting
ESG reporting, pre-assurance and sustainability training
It provides clarity and insights into the risks and opportunities associated with addressing Environmental, Social and Governance issues for your business.
Antea Group
Antea Group maintains a global perspective on ESG issues through not only our work with multinational clients, but also through our sister organizations in Europe, Asia, and Latin America and as a founding member of the Inogen Alliance.
Astra is an ESG database and consulting service that equips companies and investors with the in-depth research and actionable insight they need to support their bottom lines.
Stay one step ahead of potential risks by proactively monitoring your entire risk landscape with AI
A CPA firm also doing ESG advisory services
Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
Runs the global environmental disclosure system
Carbonland Dao
Carbonland DAO Governance Tokens (CDAO) is a Governance Token that enables Token Holders to become part of the Carbonland DAOs peer-governed nature conservation.
Clime Co.
ClimeCo’s advisory practice is unlike any other ESG consulting group out in the market today. What sets us apart is the added value we bring to our clients through integration across our business, including climate impact project development, financing, and environmental commodity trading. Our purposeful cross-expert collaboration uniquely positions us to assist clients in maximizing the decarbonization efforts that bring them impactful results.
For the Real Estate industry
A CPA firm also doing ESG advisory services
ESG Book
Offers a wide range of ESG-related data, scoring, and technology products that are used by many of the world’s largest financial institutions.
Provide strategy, design and ESG-investment advice to clients globally
EY (Ernst & Young)
A CPA firm also doing ESG advisory services
Focus on business sustainability ratings
Focus on Energy Efficiency
Environmental Resources Management (ERM)
Provides environmental, health, safety, risk, and social consulting services
FTI consulting
A Corporate services company also doing ESG advisory services
Mainly for investment professionals
Focus on Real Estate
GRI(reporting support section)
Provide Sustainability Reporting Framework, Reporting Support and Training, Stakeholder Engagement, Reporting Assurance, Policy Engagement and Advocacy
Provide ESG/Sustainability reporting, ESG assurance and verification, data collection portal
Provides climate data, analytics, and advisory services to help financial market participants understand, measure, and act on climate-related risks across all asset classes.
Integrum ESG
Using AI technology
Focus on ESG reporting in HKEX rules and GRESB
A CPA firm also doing ESG advisory services
Knight Frank
A property agent also doing ESG advisory services
Advisory and technology solutions, including policies and procedures, screening and due diligence, disclosures and reporting, investigations, value creation, and monitoring.
MJ Hudson
Newly hires the head of ESG team
Provides ESG Research and Ratings, ESG Indexes, Analytics and Tools, Consultancy and Data and Reporting
Focus on ESG Rating
Morrow Sodali
Concentrated in Governance
Nasdaq ESG Solution
Provide ESG date management, framework & disclosure management, carbon accounting & management, CSR & sustainability communication, ESG AI
Launch of in-platform metrics to enable financial market participants to collect the ESG information outlined under the ESG Integrated Disclosure Project (ESG IDP)
OneNexus Service
Distributing, underwriting, and servicing its newly formed ARO liability solution product within the upstream oil and gas industry
PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
A CPA firm also doing ESG advisory services
An engineering services company also provide ESG advisory services
A CPA firm also doing ESG advisory services
Helps HK listed companies to do their ESG reports
Through our ESG Verified solution, we provide clients with third party ESG risk evaluation, due diligence, data verification and report assurance, so they can achieve high quality and assured results with external expertise and verification. We offer independent, external ESG risk and materiality evaluation, verification of ESG data, disclosures, systems and ESG financial instruments to increase stakeholder confidence and trust.
ESG disclosure/internal management
SLR consulting
SLR has been highly active in the ESG space for over 15 years and offers a package of ESG advisory services developed and evolved through real, 'boots on the ground' experience, focused on what’s next for ESG. We drive value, meaningful impact and critically, quantifiable returns, while maintaining corporate governance, risk management and compliance.
A Corporate services company also doing ESG advisory services
Guided by our design and engineering experience, our ESG advisory services can help you define and implement a cohesive and integrated ESG program—creating corporate value while contributing to long-term human and community health.
Built on web3/ Launch of Food Giving Utility Token for Social Impact to Support SDG #2
It includes:ESG Research,ESG Risk Ratings,EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan Solutions,mpact Solutions,Compliance & ESG Screening Solutions,Controversies Research,Corporate Governance Research & Ratings,Country Research & Ratings etc.
The International Finance Corporation
The launch of the Carbon Opportunities Fund, a global investment platform that will raise private capital for an innovative model to source, tokenize and sell high-quality, verified carbon credits.
It provides advisory and implementation services that are customized to client needs. These services are organized around Tideline’s proprietary “Impact Management Compass” and are designed to enable clients to rigorously integrate impact into each step of the investment process.
TÜV Rheinland
Wolters Kluwer
An IT company also doing ESG advisory services
The Workiva consulting team works closely with customers, developing insights into core reporting challenges. From day-to-day financial reporting to robust audit processes and enterprisewide risk frameworks, we'll evaluate your overall process design and work with you to develop the best solutions to meet your unique needs.
Crescite Limited, an affiliate of Crescite Innovation Corporation, is offering the world’s first faith-based token on the XDC Network

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