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ESG and Sustainability Certifications

the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officially announced the launch of ENERGY STAR® NextGen™ Certified Homes and Apartments, a voluntary, leading-edge certification program for the nation’s residential new construction sector.
Fair Farm
The Fair Farms Program
The certification provides a mechanism that clearly shows to the market and the community who is committed to fair work practices.
B Corp Certification
B Lab
Measuring a company’s entire social and environmental impact
Certification of Carbon Removal
The EU carbon removal certification framework aims to scale up carbon removal activities and fight greenwashing by empowering businesses to show their action in this field.
Certifications cover areas such as climate change mitigation, renewable energy
Bureau Veritas
Bureau Veritas
Bureau Veritas is a world leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification services. Created in 1828, the Group has more than 82,000 employees located in more than 1,600 offices and laboratories around the globe.
Carbon Trust
Carbon Trust
to accelerate the move to a decarbonised future for more than 20 years, they partner with businesses, governments and financial institutions to accelerate their route to Net Zero.
Fairtrade International
Fairtrade International
For farmers who joined as members of the organisation
Rainforest Alliance
Rainforest Alliance
It demonstrates that farmers and companies are taking steps to make their products more sustainable, creating a better future for people and nature,for farmers and farmworkers who joined as member of the alliance
Forest Stewardship Council
Forest Stewardship Council
They certify forests and forest products that meet their standards
Clime Co.
Clime Co.
Product certificate and Business certificate
Certification of Carbon Removal
The EU carbon removal certification framework aims to scale up carbon removal activities and fight greenwashing by empowering businesses to show their action in this field.
LEED Certification
Provides a framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings, which offer environmental, social and governance benefits.
WELL Certification
Cundall’s WELL Certification provided a framework for interpreting the results from their various experiments to maximize wellness within their space.
Climate Active Certification
Australian Government
Climate Active is an Australian Government program that supports national climate policy by driving voluntary climate action by Australian businesses.
Green Star Certification
Green Building Council Australia
Green Star certification is a formal process managed by Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), during which a building, fitout, or precinct is awarded a rating by an independent, third party assessor. It is a document based assessment, undertaken online.
BlueMark evaluates and verifies how clients approach the impact in impact investing based on accepted industry standards.
Green Proofs for Bitcoin (GP4BTC)
Energy Web
Certifications will be issued to Bitcoin miners based on their clean energy use and contributions to grid stability via demand response.
Created to support carbon offsetting operations
Responsible Investment Certification
Provieded by The Responsible Investment Association of Australasia
Toitū carbonreduce, Toitū net carbonzero or Toitū climate positive certification.These certifications were previously known as CEMARS and carboNZero respectively.
Carbon Reduction Certificate
Climate Trade
The Carbon Reduction Certificate consists of the below three categories which are confined to certain types of buildings or business sectors where carbon foot-printing processes are more readily defined in a local context.
CO₂ certificates
CO₂ certificates: Each represents 1 tonne of emissions supported for climate projects, assuming financial responsibility.
Carbon Neutral Certificate
Climate Impact Partners
The CarbonNeutral Protocol was created and is managed by Climate Impact Partners. It provides a clear set of guidelines for businesses to achieve carbon neutrality .
Biodiversity certification
NSW Government
Biodiversity certification is a streamlined biodiversity assessment process for land areas proposed for development. It's available to local government, other planning authorities and landowners.
Australian Carbon Credit Unit
Australian Government
ACCUs are a tradable financial product. They incentivise carbon abatement activities through projects ranging from reforestation to energy efficiency.
NHFIC Social Bond
The First Home Guarantee (FHBG) is part of the Home Guarantee Scheme (HGS), an Australian Government initiative to support eligible home buyers to buy a home sooner. It is administered by Housing Australia on behalf of the Australian Government.
LOVE TO Be Bright Green Mutual
Love To Group
Ecological Benefits
Clima Solutions
Measures carbon footprint and environment impact

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